With the christmas season upon us and everyone is looking forward to a week or two off you might be wanting to forget about your office. However now could be the perfect time of year to treat your office to a new present. A brand new office phone for your desk to bring in some new excitement to each day. 


I know it’s a bit ridiculous but I think you should treat yourself. If you are someone who spend a lot of time at your desk on your phone then you should know how much an upgrade can really improve your mood when it comes to work. 


If you are the big boss it’s a great time of year to show your employees you care about them and appreciate all the work they do and something as simple as a new telephone can mean a world of difference to their morale. 


I’m going to go through some recommendations of new phones for your staff or for you to really brighten your day.

1) Yealink T-21-P

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The base model of the yealink family you cannot get better value for money than this phone. Its durable, effective and easy to use. This will last you many years of everyday use without failing. When purchasing this phone from alphaTALK you will receive this phone already set up. All you have to do is plug it in. So why not give us a ring about this phone today.


Available for £45

2)Yealink T42-G

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If you are looking for more than just the entry level model we recommend the Yealink T-42-G which is an amazing mid range handset that offer more than the T-21-P. It can support up to 6 SIP accounts meaning you can operate many different phone numbers from the same phone. Perfect for the high flying professional.


Available for £85 


3) Yealink T54-W

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If you are looking for the state of the art IP phone that is going to cater to your every need look no further than the Yealink T54-W. A large HD screen which makes it easier than ever to view all your contacts, setting and call history. An amazing crisp microphone and speaker will make you feel as if you are in the same room as the person you are on a call with. Why not use this christmas period to really treat yourself

Available today for £150

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