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For some businesses, looking as local as possible is actually beneficial. Tradespeople like plumbers, electricians and builders will often be asked to attend emergency call outs, so customers will aim to seek out somebody that is as close as possible.

With alphaTALK’s city numbers, it’s possible to advertise to a wider audience in different locations and gain customers in lucrative cities and towns. The UK’s fastest growing cities outside of London are Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, and Glasgow – it’s no surprise that these are also some of most popular city number products. Simply click a city on the left and check for number availability from our stocks. If your desired city is not listed, give us a call on the number above as we can obtain any number.

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My business is based in one city, but I want to use a phone number from a different city – is this possible?

alphaTALK provide what is known as virtual telephone numbers – these are phone numbers that sit on top of another phone number. It is now possible to be based in one particular city or town and advertise a phone number for different city, with all calls being diverted to a fixed line telephone or mobile phone of your choice.
Your business may be based in Manchester, but you wish to gain more clients in Liverpool. Or perhaps you’re based in Glasgow, but are willing to travel to Edinburgh to meet with potential clients. alphaTALK has stock of all the UK’s major cities and towns, including the fastest growing outside of London:

• Birmingham
• Manchester
• Leeds
• Glasgow

How can my business benefit from advertising a phone number from a different city?

It is a growing trend that as the world becomes bigger and more connected on a global scale and customers are regularly starting to look more locally for suppliers. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to be based exactly where your potential customers are, but with one of alphaTALK’s city phone numbers, you can create the impression that your business is based in the same town or city as the customer.
A good example of where a business would benefit from advertising a different city’s phone number comes from practical trades such as plumbing, electricians or builders. Potential customers will often use a telephone number to judge how close or far a business is in relation to them. In the case of plumbers, often they are required in an emergency when pipes have burst or similar, so speed of arrival is critical. Customers may only restrict their search to their immediate vicinity, ignoring businesses that may in reality be only a few miles away but have a phone number with a different area code to their own.
A plumber that is based outside of Birmingham will have a phone number that differs from the traditional Birmingham 0121 number, though will actually cover Birmingham and surrounding areas including Wolverhampton, Redditch, Walsall and beyond. Wolverhampton uses 01902 numbers; Redditch uses 01527 numbers, and Walsall utilises 01922 numbers.
Here at alphaTALK, we would be able to assign those very phone numbers to the plumber’s business, with all calls diverted to a number of their choice. With our Call Whisper feature, it is even possible to be alerted as to which of the above city numbers was dialled, giving the plumber a chance to greet the caller with, “ABC Plumbing – Walsall area” or, “ABC Plumbing – Birmingham area” to better reassure the customer.

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