How Important is a good phone system in your startup

A new startup is exciting. Going into the future with a business idea and a head full of dreams. While you need to focus on the main service you’ll be delivering with the company, a good startup needs to think about the small things. So, how important is the phone system. Depending on your business it can go from paramount to imperative. No matter what business you are in the modern world you will have to communicate through the telephone. Having poor quality phone and a lack of responsiveness will lose you customers.


As a small startup building customer relationships is important. You want to make long term connections and when it’s impossible to meet face to face, a phone call is youGet the alphaTALK all in one hosted PBX systemr best option. If you don’t invest wisely in a phone system you could have terrible call quality and even have it cutting out during the call. This is not going to build a lot of trust. Spending extra money earlier on in the business can lead to bigger returns down the line.


Growing your startup means analysing your strengths and weaknesses. This can be easily done in the phone department if you choose your solution wisely. Here at alphaTALK our hosted PBX means you can record all phone calls, look at calls stats and move forward with evidence. Call recording also has the advantage of being able to refer back to a call if there is a disagreement with a customer.


A phone system that was planned out from the start has room for expansion as your company grows. With the use of a VoIP phone system phones can be added on and taken off network by simply plugging and unplugging them. If you have a ring group and would like to add another phone to it, this can be done in 2 minutes. No expensive upgrade fees, just simply the cost of a new handset

A phone system planned from the start is an invaluable asset to growing your startup.

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