A larger existing business looking to expand

Sam is a successful business owner, specializing in carpets, fixtures, and fittings. His business has expanded dramatically in the last 10 years as part of the boom in house sales and home improvements. Based in the same location since he first started, Sam has historically added extra phone lines supplied by BT when additional call capacity was required. Each additional BT phone line came with its own costs with a current total of 6 individual lines within the building.

Our alphaTALK VOIP solution featured (all prices are ex VAT):”

6 x Yealink cordless VOIP phones


6 x VOIP user licenses

at£5.00/ month

With our proposal, Sam is able to cancel five of his six BT phone lines, making a good saving each month compared to what he was previously paying with BT. All of the different telephone numbers that Sam’s business has acquired over the years can also be migrated to our VOIP platform, resulting in no disruption of service for his customers and suppliers. Yealink, our preferred VOIP phone manufacturer, produce a cordless model of their popular desk-based VOIP phones; these are ideal for Sam’s floor staff to carry around the premises and take calls regardless of where they are. Because our VOIP offering takes advantage of calls using Sam’s existing broadband connection, we are able to save him between 40% and 50% on his call charges compared to BT, particularly with calls to mobile phones and international destinations receiving a generous discount.

Finally, Sam will be able to install additional VOIP handsets when extra capacity is required again upon the next expansion. We only have a minimum 12-month term on the first handset with all subsequent handsets carrying an even lower 3-month minimum term for true flexibility.

Want to know more about the VOIP phone system?

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