London 0208 Numbers that start with the 020 area code, including 0208 numbers, are for London and the surrounding area. 0208 London numbers cover the outer areas of London and although not as popular as 0207, it is highly recognised as a London phone number and is becoming more popular as 0207 numbers decline in availability. Because you have no physical location you are not bound to what number you can have, 0208 can offer a greater choice and is definitely worth a look. There is no technical or official difference between London phone numbers that start 0208 and those which start with 0203 or 0207.  All are available to business and personal customers anywhere in London.

Which area of London are 0208 numbers for?


0208 numbers are available for use in all areas of London. Although there were separate area codes for inner and outer London between 1990 and 2000, the distinction was scrapped with the introduction of the single London-wide area code of 020. Any 020 number can be used in any part of London. As is the case with all landline numbers, 020 numbers can also be used to forward calls to other parts of the country, to international destinations, or to virtual services such as VOIP phones


Are 0208 numbers for outer London numbers?

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A large proportion of 0208 number are used in outer London, as pre-existing numbers from the old 0181 outer London area code were renumbered to start 020 8 in the year 2000. However, 020 8 numbers issued since mid-2000 can be used anywhere in London. A lot of big companies in the heartlands of the capitol are using these numbers. If you look at large multinational corporations based in the City many of them, such as Lloyds of London, use these numbers.


Are 0208 numbers only for BT customers? 

No, most telephone companies own and use blocks of 0208 numbers. While BT have in the past controlled these numbers and did start issue them, they sell them off to operators who hold them privately. Companies like us here at alphaTALK are one of the few companies that offer a large range of 0208 London Numbers.


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Is it 020 or 0208 ?

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The area code for London is just 020; the following digits are all part of the eight-digit local number.The 020 area code is optional from landlines; calls between any two phones using the 020 London area code can be made by dialling just the eight-digit local phone number.When displaying London phone numbers, the correct format is 020 xxxx xxxx – with the first space placed immediately after the 020 area code.

What other features do they come with?

The number alone is great, but other features can make it better. Many providers will have additional features such as:- Unlimited extensions – set up extensions for each employee. Here at alphaTALK we offer…

– Call forwarding – forward calls to a landline or mobile.
– Voicemail – receive recorded messages.
– Voicemail transcription – read recorded messages via email.
– Unlimited extensions – set up extensions for each employee.
– Faxing – receive faxes.
– Many more.


Helpful tips:The placement of your 0208 London number is important. You should put it in a prominent place on your website. You can also be put on business cards, billboards, branded cars, and review sites. Some businesses give out their numbers so customers can call and get all the information they need through a recorded message. An estate agent might record a message about a certain flat, for example.

Many Grasshopper customers opt for freephone numbers and NGNs alongside their 0208 numbers. This means they can cater to customers on a local and national level at the same time.


How do I buy a London 0208 virtual number? We have a great selection of London 0208 virtual numbers to choose from. You can chose a standard, silver, gold or platinum number. Head over to our range to have a look at these amazing numbers.

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