What will my London Virtual Office come with?

For £35 per month, the London Virtual Office spaces we provide come with:

A London business address in your choice of Piccadilly (W1) or Kensington (SW7) Mail sorting and forwarding of your first 75 pieces of mail.

Optional extras available (charges apply):

A London telephone number diverted to your choice of landline or mobile. Additional mail forwarding credit. For sales or more information about our London Virtual Office in Kensington or Piccadilly, speak to a member of the alphaTALK team on 0800 093 2193 or email info@alphatalk.com.
One of our two London Virtual Office spaces can be found in the heart of Piccadilly. Part of the West End of London. Known for its up-market retail, the area is also home to many other large international businesses.

A Piccadilly London Virtual Office will really elevate your business to new levels of prestige. For only £35 per month (plus VAT), our Virtual Office in London Piccadilly presents extremely good value. A Piccadilly Virtual Office can be an easy way to develop and build a presence in London without the associated cost and expense of physically renting an office in the nation’s capital.At the time of application, please indicate whether you require the London Virtual Office address for business registration purposes (e.g. with Companies House) or purely for business mailbox purposes.

Kensington Virtual Office:

The other of our London Virtual Office spaces is found in desirable Kensington. With the Virtual Office located in an up-market part of London, a Kensington Virtual Office address will help add a certain sparkle to your business. With a price of only £35 per month (plus VAT), our Kensington London Virtual Office space offers good value for money. Create the right image with a London business address and start to win those larger customers and clients. Why applying for a Kensington London Virtual Office with us, please indicate whether you only require a London business address for mailbox purposes or whether you wish to use it for business registration requirements, for example with Companies House.