A small business adding more phones with VOIP

Tom runs his own online art dealership where he is the sole member of staff. He is looking to take on an assistant at his two room leased office in Manchester city centre. Currently, Tom has one BT phone line that he uses for calls and to provide ADSL broadband to his office. Tom requires an additional phone without the expense of paying for a secondary BT phone line.
Tom would also like access to cheaper international call rates where he often calls other art dealers abroad along with clients from all over the world.

Our alphaTALK solution consisted of (all prices are ex VAT): ”

1 x Yealink entry-level VOIP desk phone


1 x VOIP user license

at£5.00/ month

Because VOIP only relies on an existing broadband connection, Tom can add an additional handset for his assistant by simply plugging in a new VOIP phone. We took care of all the configurations so the VOIP phone truly plugged and play. VOIP also gave Tom access to cheaper call rates and line rental compared to BT, particularly where his international calls were concerned. Finally, Tom also has the choice of keeping his two phone lines separate from each other or we can connect the two together for full interconnectivity between his existing phone number and his new VOIP phone.